Exercises to Slim the Waistline

Main Muscles Affected

  • Abdominal muscles

Workout difficulty

Medium difficulty

To slim the waistline and reduce fat, it is necessary to combine: proper nutrition, circuits intended to burn fat, effective exercises to tone the muscles that make up the abdomen, improve posture and (lastly) keep stress at bay. These exercises will allow you to obtain good results in 6/8 weeks. It is important to perform them feeling the sensation of muscle tension, exhaling deeply during the contraction. Perform 3 rounds every other day plus 1 every day. At the end, perform stretching exercises that mainly affect the abdominal muscle, hamstrings and iliopsoas.


  • Equipment: mat
  • 6 exercises (1 round)
  • 30 "work 10" break
  • From 40 "to 60" of rest between one round and the next
  • Perform 3 rounds every other day plus 1 every day

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