Eliminate Love Handles - Training

Main Muscles Affected

  • Abdominal muscles

Workout difficulty


To say goodbye to love handles and reduce fat, it is necessary to combine proper nutrition with physical exercise; the latter includes: intense cardio fitness circuits, effective exercises to tone the muscles that make up the abdomen, improve posture and Lastly, keep stress at bay. These exercises will allow you to achieve good results in 8 weeks. It is important to perform the exercises feeling the sensation of muscle contraction, exhaling deeply during the shortening. When finished, perform stretching exercises.


  • Level: 2
  • Equipment: mat and toning ball
  • 6 exercises (1 round)
  • 40 "work 10" break
  • From a 40 "to a 60" break between rounds
  • Perform 3 rounds every other day or 1 every day

  1. Touch your toes
  2. High leg crunch with toe touch
  3. Alternating arch abs
  4. Modified side full crunch
  5. Vertical leg twist
  6. Crunch on the side

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