You Need To Buy New Underwear

Quick question: When did you buy the underwear you’re wearing now? If you can’t remember, you probably need to buy new ones. Underwear isn’t like a leather jacket; it does not get better with age. Not only is new underwear exciting to buy, but it gives you a confidence boost, the new undies will bring all the boys to the yard, and it’s just plain FUN! Nothing is more fun than buying new underwear other than the fun you will have with another boy (or two) when you take them off.

I know that nice quality undies (none of that Hanes shit) is pricey and can run up to $30 a pair, but you can save up and you can also buy a pair at a time, it’s not necessary to buy 15 pairs of new underwear at the same time. (And pssst…I’ll let you in on a little secret. High-end flash sale site Gilt Man has awesome sales on designer from awesome places like Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, Emporio Armani, and more, so you have NO excuse!)

Here are the 3 types of underwear you need to invest in:





No, not tighty whities, but sexy contoured briefs that highlight your best asset, your bulge. Some of my faves include the classic Calvin Klein briefs, the ultra comfy Emporio Armani briefs, the bright and fun Diesel briefs, and the super low cut CIN-2 briefs.





Trunks are the grown man’s boxer briefs. Loose Hanes boxer briefs are only good for a gym that is full of 100% straight dudes, but if you have a ‘mo in sight, it’s best to step up your game and invest in the tighter and more form-fitting trunks. Some of my favorites are the sexy Calvin Klein’s micro rise trunk, Emporio Armani’s  stretch cotton trunk, and Tulio’s Power Pouch Trunk.





Jockstrap’s aren’t just for footballers anymore and the undies have pretty much been reclaimed by gay culture. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing gayer than underwear that enhances your package while leaving your ass hanging out. Although you may be to nervous to wear them to the office, that doesn’t mean you can change into them when you’re headed out to the bar. Some of my favorite jocks are CIN-2′s basic Pop Color Street Jock, Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked Smooth Vibe Air Jock, and Andrew Christian’s Show-It Brief Jock.


Ready, set, throw your underwear away and start feeling sexy in a new pair of your fave undies. What’s your favorite underwear? Did I leave anything out? Tell me what I missed and what you love in the comment section below!

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