While Americans Fight For Marriage Equality, Gays in Egypt and the Arab World Fight For Survival

While parade marchers in San Francisco show support for Egypt’s LGBT community, it’s a different story back in the Arab world.


America celebrates gay couples, worships Ellen Degeneres, and the mainstream media looks down upon gay hate speech, while here in my Arab hometown of Egypt and in the middle of my community and my people, I am the equivalent of a devil worshipper for being gay.

My “kind” is used on the DL for “straight” men’s sexual gratification, the same men who would kick my “kind’s” ass for being a faggot publicly to prove their dominance and masculinity.

Sometimes I wonder if LGBT Americans even have a clue of how bad things are for gays here.

The community’s reaction comes from pure fear. They don’t know how to deal with us in the same way that we don’t know how to deal with them. The communication between us is nearly impossible to achieve because we each speak a language that the kind other doesn’t speak. The difference is, they are not willing to understand or learn.

Instead of trying to have an open mind, they completely abandon the whole subject in the name of religion because it doesn’t hurt or affect them to. They don’t care to recognize their part in the misery we have to tunnel through every day.

To straight Egyptians, we’re wrong and therefore anything done against us is right. We shouldn’t exist and our “choice” is something we’ll have to endure if we want to stay alive. If they happen to know that you’re “like that” or “do that disgusting thing,” you’re automatically transformed into a different person right before their own resentful eyes.

Egyptians have convinced generation after generation of gay individuals that they aren’t worth anything and that they’re only purpose is to be a semen depository; they have convinced us that we didn’t deserve to have happy and fulfilling lives with loving families.

And generation after generation, we believed them.

It’s gotten to the point where gay Arabs have been divided into two; those who are intelligent and those who are things. They are no longer human. They are just… things. They are things that suck and things that are humped, but that’s all they do. They don’t even look or sound human. They have been turned into heartbreaking creatures; sex slaves who have no respect for themselves or their bodies. The two divisions of the Arab gay sector are foreign to each other. Each half displays the dark inner self of the other that they have desperately suppressed so they can function as they are, and so they are ashamed of each other.

The gay community has been built on no foundation, and that’s why it doesn’t stand

When someone wrongs you for your sexuality in America, you shout discrimination and file a lawsuit. Arrests are made, and many times, ”justice” is served. When someone wrongs us, we keep our mouth shut. Their gift to us when they called us faggots is not having killed us and we should thank our lucky stars for that. They would give us a look that expects gratitude for their very “considerate” nature.

Gay marriage isn’t on our agenda.

Some people still don’t believe homosexuality exists and others argue that it can be cured.

Gay marriage is impossible.

There’s no entitlement, there’s no joy, and there are no rights to being a gay human being. That’s being gay in the Arab world.

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About Adam Amin

Adam Amin is a college student who recently moved to Egypt shortly before the Arab Spring and had the unique opportunity to observe life before and after it as an outsider. He was his school’s magazine editor for over a year and is currently working on a book about experiences as a gay boy and man in the Middle East.

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