This Week in Pop: Azealia Banks Is A True Bad Bitch, Haylor’s Over, & Beyonce Overload

Everybody’s Christmas wish came true! HAYLOR HAS BROKEN UP! Taylor Swift’s back in the studio…I wonder if she was jealous about the amount of Zarry nipple play going on in the new “Kiss You” music video?

And Miley Cyrus has already been spotted in bed with Harry. War of the sluts!





Britney Spears is so over the X Factor (how are we supposed to continue through life without new GIFs of her faces?) but she may be headed to Las Vegas for her very own show! Do you hear that noise? That’s the sound of millions of gays booking their tickets to Sin City.

For whatever reason, Azealia Banks’ calling Perez Hilton (who annually wins the “Worst Person in the World” award) a “faggot” caused an uproar in the LGBT community this week. (Remember when Perez called Will.I.Am a “faggot”?) Banks, who is openly bisexual, has yet to actually, truly, apologize for using the slur, and hasn’t gone the usual route of bowing down to GLAAD. Talk about being a true bad bitch.

America’s favorite future Surreal Life star Lindsay Lohan was a complete genius of a disaster on the set of the new movie that I don’t actually believe is a movie The Canyons and the New York Times published the most amazing celebrity profile in recent history. She hung with Gaga, cried in hotel hallways, and drove drunk through Malibu, somehow surviving, most likely without the help of her suicidal assistant. She also threw a tantrum on set, attacking her porn star co-star, and admits that yup, it’s all true! If there’s anything that the celebrity gods can guarantee about 2013, it’s that Lindsay Lohan will stay one one of the most prominent, and least prolific, stars of the year.


Beyonce GQ cover


Beyonce let her boobies hang all out on the cover of GQ’s new cover, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY (SIG;KLDFJGKLJDFLGJK) Destiny’s Child be releasing A NEW ALBUM, but they will also be joining Queen B on the Super Bowl stage! And Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks, too please? Please?

The Oscar nominations were announced and one of your painfully annoying co-workers already told you all about them and who was criminally “robbed” of a nomination.

Prince Twink Justin Bieber was photographed smoking weed in a hotel room, sparking Beliebers to self-mutilate and start the Twitter trend #cut4bieber. Duh! That’s a normal reaction. But next time Bieber slips up I recommend a few different trends: #suckdick4bieber, #shavepubes4bieber, or even #finger4bieber.


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