Glamorously waiting in line for Mika.

My Online Teenage Life Revisited: My First Facebook Profile Picture

December 11, 2012

  In June 2007, the last month of my freshman year, I asked my Mom to buy me four tickets to Mika’s concert at Studio A, a Miami nightclub that closed down a few years later. She battled an addiction [...]


My Online Teenage Life: Lindsay Lohan Comeback Edition

November 26, 2012

  Posted on 2009.08.02 at 13:18 LINDSAY LOHAN GOT A COMEBACK ROLE IN A MOVIE WITH DE NIRO DIRECTED BY ROBERT RODRIGUEZ!!!! ITS THE GRINDHOUSE SPIN OFF!!!! In an interviewwith Bookslut, the seventy-something novelist Andrew Holleran describes his romantic life [...]


My Online Teenage Life: Pills, Photo Teachers, and Parties

November 13, 2012

Long Time NO Update Posted on 2008.12.07 at 22:05 1.) I hate how Allly has pulled me into all her drama when I had nothing to do with anything and don’t even know these people. Now strangers hate me. 2.) [...]