gay boy scout

I Was A Gay Boy Scout

January 29, 2013

  For 14 years of my life, I was a part of what I thought was a great society, the Boy Scouts of America. When I was 14-years-old I received my Eagle Scout award, I was a member of the [...]

Gay Jewish flag

Coming Out: When Bar-Mitzvahs Just Don’t Cut It

December 6, 2012

My parents took bets on when I would come out of the closet. Practically everyone in my immediate friend zone already knew before I did. It seemed as though I was one of those kids that everybody knew was gay [...]


Coming Out: I Was Outed In Rural Pennsylvania

November 19, 2012

I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t even near ready for it to be public. But it was. The cat was out of the bag. No going back now. My mom had just found out about a month earlier, and now it [...]