Stay cool between the sheets this summer with sexy reccommendations from Bravo’s Dr. Ava Cadell

If there are two things gays love, it’s sex and Bravo. So when star of Bravo’s L.A. Shrinks Dr. Ava Cadell reached out wanting to give advice to The Homo Life‘s readers on how to stay sexy and cool down this summer, I was happier than a twink bottoming for Anderson Cooper.




Whether you’re in a relationship, hooking up, or spend your nights with your hand, Dr. Cadell suggests Wet Ecstasy Xtra Cooling Sensation Water-Based Lubricant, which will probably be the most amazing thing to ever touch your penis. Like an unexplainable cool rush, it’s as if your dick is being sucked by a menthol cigarette, minus the lung cancer and fiberglass. It’s truly amazing and probably what Icy Hot feels like if you were to use it as lube. Highly recommended, and probably the only time I’ve fallen in love with a lubricant that doesn’t come in tiny free sample packs. Plus, the lube doesn’t get sticky and gunky, allowing for easy cleanup.

Dr. Ava also introduced me to the Sweet Seduction game which is more apt for heteros, but can easily be made applicable to the gays. If your sex life is stale, the card game will drive you to experiment with phone sex, vibrators, sensual massage, and more in ways that may seem obvious, but are sexual actions that go far underused.

Learn more about Dr. Ava Cadell on her website.

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