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No, I’m not talking about Alexyss Tylor’s historic public access segment of the same name in which she talks to her mother about dick, but rather the book by Dr. Dudley Danoff titled “Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health,” in which he dedicates his cock almanac to his father, whom he calls “a man of true penis power.” Seriously.

The book’s dedication alone is enough to make any guy with an inquisitive bone in his body pick up “Penis Power,” and also confuse the hell out of him. “Penis Power” accomplishes exactly what it sets out to be, the ultimate guide to dick health, and thankfully, never mentions his father’s penis again.

I wish Dr. Danoff’s book had been handed to me when I was 12-year-old boy, confused about my penis and eager to know everything about it, but now as a 21-year-old dick expert and self-proclaimed cock connoisseur, I found most of what I read in “Penis Power” to be review, but still containing helpful reiterations of both common and not so common dick information.

Any man, whether gay, straight, or bi will find something to learn about their most prized possession in the book. Dr. Danoff explains that there is absolutely “no effective way of enhancing your penis size” and that “Penis power is not related to penis size.” He also throws every guy on Grindr under the bus and says that there average penis is six inches big, so you can stop worrying about your penis size! Some guys have big dicks, some guys have small dicks, and most guys have average dicks around six inches. It’s not a big deal and it’s all about how you use your penis, not about how big it is.

Dr. Danoff also tells a nightmarish story about cock rings, tells you how you can get rid of premature ejaculation, and covers everything from nicknames for the penis (my personal favorite is “battering ram”), to how much ejaculate is normal, prostate exams, penile enhancement, sex parties, anxiety, stress, and the always important topic of safe sex. “Unprotected anal sex should be off-limits on the basis of HIV/AIDS risk alone” he writes and also explains something horrible called “sepsis” that can also come from unprotected sex that you never want to have. Use your imagination or use Google if you want to find out.

If you’re self-conscious about your dick, young, unknowledgeable, and curious about your best asset, are interested in learning more about your sexual health, or simply want to know everything you want to know about penises and would love to own a literal penis almanac, I recommend your picking up a copy of Dr. Dudley Danoff’s “Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health.”

“Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health” by Dudley Danoff is available for sale online.

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