Gay-At-Home Dad Answers: How Do I Flirt?

November 21, 2012

Welcome to the gay sex-ed class you never had.   I’m recently out of college and don’t have much experience [...]


Get Off Elmo’s Dick

November 20, 2012

Considering this is a twink site dedicated to glorified sex, gossip, and personal essays, I assume you’ve heard about the [...]


Coming Out: I Was Outed In Rural Pennsylvania

November 19, 2012

I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t even near ready for it to be public. But it was. The cat was out [...]


Marriage Equality Progresses, UPS Drops Boy Scouts, ‘Kill The Gays’ Bill Is Still Alive, and Everything Else From This Week In LGBT News

November 17, 2012

This week’s batch of stories certainly doesn’t fail to live up to last week’s milestone victories and hype. President Obama [...]


Justin May Be Back With Selena, Channing Tatum Named Sexiest Man, Lady Gaga’s New Video, and Everything Else You Missed This Week In Pop

November 16, 2012

If you haven’t bought One Direction’s new album “Take Me Home,” drop everything that you’re doing and BUY IT NOW! [...]


Getting Dick at Chick-fil-A

November 16, 2012

This summer, after the media firestorm surrounding the homophobic policies of Chick-fil-A, my fiance and I, like many in the [...]


Coming Out As A Gay High School Athlete

November 15, 2012

I’m gay. And I play sports. Yet in my hick-filled town in Alberta, Canada, my best friends, teammates, and my [...]

Is this a joke? Is this for a new porno?

Andy Cohen Apologizes For Calling One Direction “Twinks,” Although One Direction Is Obviously Made Up Of Twinks

November 14, 2012

After “accidentally” busting into One Direction’s dressing room at the “Today” show yesterday morning, Bravo exec and star Andy Cohen [...]

Everybody talks dirty, even straight people.

Gay-At-Home Dad Answers: How Do I Talk Dirty?

November 14, 2012

  Welcome to the gay sex-ed class you never had.   I’m a college sophomore at a Texas university. Even [...]


My Online Teenage Life: Pills, Photo Teachers, and Parties

November 13, 2012

Long Time NO Update Posted on 2008.12.07 at 22:05 1.) I hate how Allly has pulled me into all her [...]