5 Words That Need to Be Banned From The Gay Dictionary

October 21, 2012

Whether it’s “HBIC,” “ratchet,” or “twerk,” gays have been at the forefront of embracing new idioms before they enter into [...]


My Fag Hags Through the Years

October 21, 2012

As the openly gay freshman at my high school, I needed my fag hags. After I gave my first blowjob, [...]


Chick-fil-A Still Hates The Gays, Mayor Bloomberg Loves The Gays, and Everything Else You Missed This Week in LGBT News

October 21, 2012

Besides Beyonce’s announcing that she’ll be the next Super Bowl halftime performer, this past week was one heavily permeated with [...]


Beyonce Makes The Super Bowl Super Gay, and Everything Else You Missed This Week in Pop Culture

October 20, 2012

  In Earth-shattering news that caused a worldwide panic, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting the Golden Globe [...]


Welcome to The Homo Life!

October 20, 2012

I am beyond ecstatic to launch The Homo Life, a new online publication spun off from the original popular Twitter [...]