One Direction Holds Puppies, World Explodes From Adorable Overload

Whether you’re a fan of One Direction or not, it’s difficult to disagree that these five boys are drop dead gorgeous. Harry’s sweeping hair, Liam’s Hollister model looks, Louis’ boy-next-door style, Niall’s baby face, and Zayn’s downright perfection have probably made even the straightest of straight men question their sexuality. And when pictures were revealed of their photo shoot with Wonderland magazine, the world experienced a gay and tween girl panic that left many in tears and orgasmic convulsions.

I present to you the One Direction boys holding puppies.

I can’t think of anything more perfect.


Even the puppy thinks Liam is hot as fuck!


Moments before, Harry taught his puppy to wink.


Both Louis and his puppy are kind of over it.


Niall was actually born as a yellow labrador retriever.




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