Mitt Romney’s An Asshole, Kelly Clarkson Loves Obama, and Everything Else You Missed This Week in LGBT News

This week in gay news was much like going trick-or-treating: it was a veritable mixed bag of both great and less-great nuggets of current events. In Kentucky, two men on trial for attacking a gay man were acquitted of hate crimes charges, while new data in a Gallup Report show it’s possible LGBT voters could win the election for Obama, which is obviously great – especially considering President Obama has personally expressed support for ballot measures in four states that would legalize same-sex marriage – but then we have Rep. Judy Biggert, who compared same-sex marriage to bigamy, and a man in North Carolina said he was locked up in a church dormitory for months last year after telling church members he’s gay.

Gay Republican group, Log Cabin Republicans, officially endorsed Romney on Tuesday. Though they were vocal in their opposition to Romney’s policies concerning the LGBT community, Log Cabin Republicans believe Romney is the better candidate for all Americans they explained in their endorsement, titled “We Are Americans First.”


Much like the mayor of Whoville, Mitt Romney hates everything good.


The day after, Wednesday, the Boston Globe revealed while Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he had his senior legal staff individual review every case of a child born to same-sex parents in order to approve or reject requests to cross out the word for ‘father’ and write in ‘second parent’ by hand on individual birth certificates. The Globe also included a choice quote from a speech Romney made to voters in 2005: “Some gays are actually having children born to them. It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact. Every child has a right to a mother and father.”

Remember when Kelly Clarkson praised Ron Paul on social media last year, effectively stirring up a firestorm on Twitter since professional crazy old man Ron Paul is a racist and a homophobe? Well this year, in an interview with the Daily Star, Kelly has come out in full support of President Obama – though admitting she’s a Republican at heart – in part because of the president’s gay-friendly policies. In her statement, she reveals she also voted for Obama in 2008. Looks like I might be buying that greatest hits album, after all.

Delta Lambda Phi, a national gay men’s fraternity, has filed suit against Delta Lambda Psi, “a gender neutral fraority.” Delta Lambda Phi claims the 7-year-old fraority chose its name because of its close resemblance to the older, more recognized organization’s, which has over 30 chapters nationwide.

In France, the Socialist government’s plans to legalize same-sex marriage are proving more difficult to enact than originally thought. Despite winning the majority last spring, the government is facing more opposition than expected and as such, the process has become more drawn-out than planned.

In what could possibly be the most exciting piece of recent international LGBT news, The Guardian has reported that gay Jamaicans have mounted a legal challenge to the country’s homophobic colonial-era buggery laws. The case will be taken to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights – of which Jamaica is not a full member, so any ruling would only be advisory. Still, a rejection of such backward thinking laws would be a significant beacon of hope for change to come in a country widely regarded as one of the worst places to be gay.

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