Holy Kimye Fetus, Ke$ha’s Bisexual, Kathy Griffin Tries To Give Anderson Cooper a BJ, Cheap Gaga Tix, & Everything Else You Missed This Week in Pop


EVERYBODY STOP! KIMYE IS PREGNANT! Everybody should already know this, but what you may not know is that pregnancy is reallllly hard, guys! And Kim Kardashian is the first person to discover this and not even the billions of women before her who have given birth had difficult pregnancies! Let’s take a moment to pray for the next prince or princess of the Kardashian royal empire.

In case you were having actually fun on New Year’s Eve and drinking and partying and making out with hot guys or crying in the bathroom or peeing on the street, you may have missed many important celebrity news items. For one, Kathy Griffin tried to give Anderson Cooper a blow job on live TV in the middle of Times Square. Haylor also caused the heartbreak of thousands by macking it up in the giant crowd while onlooking tween girls passed out in fits of rage. And Lindsay Lohan might not have been drunk!



Also on New Year’s Eve, Nene Leakes got engaged (again!) to ex-husband Gregg Leakes. After Gregg complained on the radio about how fame had gotten to his wife’s head in 2010, he’s ready to be back in her arms now that she’s gotten (kind of) actually famous and running to the bank with that TRUMP CHECK! BLOOP BLOOP!

Lady Gaga’s tickets for the upcoming U.S. leg of her Born This Way Ball tour are selling for as low as $23 on StubHub! EAT UP, GAYS!



Hot as hell rapper Trey Songz may be locking lips with another dude in this Instagrammy new photo (above). Songz (lol) kind of denied the photo on Twitter, and it’s supposedly a different guy, but can’t we dream?

In other gay singer news, Frank Ocean was busted for having weed in his car and driving on a suspended license, and later tweeted about it, proving he’s suuuuuper cool and not a dumbass at all.

ROB KARDASHIAN IS WAITING FOR MARRIAGE! At least to have a baby, that is. Thank God Rita Ora got that (alleged) abortion!

Britney Spears has confirmed she’s working on an 8th album and surprise! Britney Spears is worth a shit ton of money!

And finally, Ke$ha doesn’t love just men. She loves everyone, regardless of gender, so I guess you could call her bisexual! Okay then.


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