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Hey Frank!

So I’m a few months into my first real relationship with a guy, and I couldn’t be happier. Back in October, you answered “how to be a good bottom” and gave some great tips. Do you have any tips for being a great top? I know bottoming requires more practice, but there has to be more to being a great top than just getting in there and thrusting. I really want to please my guy and be a top he won’t forget! Also, it’s pretty embarrassing, but I don’t have the best stamina when we fuck. I try to control it and pace myself, and sometimes it works, until I get in him, then I can’t help it.

-C, 20


I’m so glad you asked me this question. Not kidding, we still get at least 10 “how do I be a good bottom” questions a day (IT’S EASY, CLEAN OUT YOUR ASS AND SIT ON THAT DICK). But you are correct, being a good top actually takes a little more skill. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have your guy forever bending over for you with a smile:


1)    Clean yourself up first.  Just because you’re the top doesn’t mean he wants to smell a dirty boner. You should get that dick looking porn-star perfect and wash your butt out as well. Chances are good he will want to eat you out, so be prepared.

2)    Get comfortable with his asshole. We are going to assume that he is clean as a whistle, and you two have sorted out if you prefer it shaved or hairy. A good top will literally do a full half-hour of foreplay, preferably with him sitting on your face for most of it. From here you need to toss his salad and suck his dick, intermittently. Drive his ass crazy.

3)    Finger him good. Once you start rimming him, he’s going to relax and open up a little bit. Start off with one finger, then two. Try to massage his prostate (you’ll know it when you hit it) to get him really horny. This should also make his dick leak like a faucet.

4)    Stick it in slowly. It’s technically best for both parties if he then turns around and sits down on your cock. That way he can go at his own pace. A true bottom will swallow your dick with his ass quickly, making you completely lose your mind. Have him go slowly so you don’t blow your load.

5)    Dirty talk him a little bit. I did a whole article on dirty talking. It’s perfect at this point. He should be rhythmically riding you (and he should go at a snail’s pace if you’re a quick cummer).

6)    At a certain point, flip his ass over and take charge.  I recommend you going all the way in and all the way out. ALL THE WAY OUT. That will get him to the point of pure ecstasy and will preserve your seed until the time is right. Don’t start banging him until you are ready to end things.

7)    Bring it home.  Sink into him and pick up the pace. Give him what he wants and make him your bitch. Cum.

8)    Make sure he cums afterwards.  Any good top knows that you leave it in and let him beat off, so that way he can get his prostate rubbed and shoot off a load or two. Feel free to give him a classic reach-around if he prefers.


I hope that helps. I can’t improve your stamina for you (you have to do that yourself with masturbation training). Just take your time and insert strategic pauses during the fuck session, and it should help slow things down.

Now I’m going to take a cold shower, because damn.

Fondly, Frank

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