Chick-fil-A Still Hates The Gays, Mayor Bloomberg Loves The Gays, and Everything Else You Missed This Week in LGBT News

Besides Beyonce’s announcing that she’ll be the next Super Bowl halftime performer, this past week was one heavily permeated with news concerning the gay community. The Boy Scouts’ perversion files showed us how gross they really are, the first openly gay boxer beat his opponent in his first fight since coming out, Nordstrom officially came out in support of marriage equality, and gay icon Honey Boo Boo wore purple for Spirit Day.

In the latest chapter of the gays versus Chick-fil-A, a location in the Atlanta area was caught handing out fliers advertising their party trays, which – according to the fliers – “only a fruitcake wouldn’t love.” It’s not hard to discern the implication, but the company claims the term wasn’t used as a slur against the gays.

Washington United for Marriage, a nonprofit working to secure marriage equality in the state, raised $2.8 million in six weeks’ time. The same group has raised over $10 million in donations, while Preserve Marriage Washington – a group working to block marriage equality in the state – has only managed to raise $1.8 million.

Angela McCaskill, the Gallaudet University chief diversity officer who stirred up national attention when she signed a petition pushing for Maryland’s marriage equality law to be put on the ballot in November, has finally spoken out for the first time since put on administrative leave last week. At a news conference, McCaskill defended her stance as “pro-democracy” and her attorney has since said McCaskill is not anti-gay and that by signing the petition she was not taking an anti-gay stance.

Over 250 LGBT athletes participated in a gay sports festival in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, the first event of its kind in all of South Asia, according to event organizers. The opening ceremony of three-day event attracted an audience of approximately 1,500 in the conservative nation where up until six years ago LGBT people were beaten on the streets and arrested.

After outlawing “homosexual propaganda” earlier this year, St. Petersburg has now made it that LGBT activists can be arrested and fined for whatever can be construed as promoting homosexuality. Aside from being dumb, vague, and homophobic, activists say the new law can make even more widespread anti-gay hostility in the city.

The unofficial mayor of all mayors, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, donated $250,000 in support of a marriage equality bill passed earlier this year in Maryland. According to The New York Times, the sum is the largest individual contribution made to the cause in the state.

What could possibly be the most hilarious gay-tinted news of the month: A man in King County, Washington has filed a complaint against the King County Library System after finding out his 10-year-old niece was able to borrow a copy of a yaoi manga featuring scenes of hardcore gay sex.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City ruled 2 to 1 that DOMA is unconstitutional on Thursday, October 4. In writing for the majority, Judge Dennis Jacobs said DOMA’s discrimination against same-sex marriages does not serve any significant government interest and thus violates the Constitution’s equal protection clause. Following this ruling, it is likely the Supreme Court will hear and decide on marriage equality within the first half of 2013.

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