I Used Grindr As A Cure for My Seasonal Depression (It Didn’t Work)

February 5, 2013

  I find joy in my on-again/off-again clinical depression. Depression causes me to lay in my bed in my room listening to my favorite sad songs thinking about myself. Obviously I would rather feel like a Katy Perry 3D movie [...]

Sky Ferreira Instagram

Why Haven’t We Made Sky Ferreira a Gay Icon?

January 30, 2013

  Once upon a time, gays chose their own icons. Nobody at MGM ordered Judy Garland to mess up her life in between singing songs about gay icons so that gays would buy tickets to her eight million comeback concerts. [...]

Mitchell Sunderland Facebook

It Took Me Two Years to Unfriend My Rapist on Facebook

January 22, 2013

  If a boy untags himself in a Facebook photo or unfriends a former flame, he refuses to publicly admit a negative part of himself or past. Facebook exists as a space for sharing; to untag is to present a [...]


10 Reasons Why Gay Boys Should Never Ask Me For Advice

January 15, 2013

  Every week I receive tweets, emails, and Facebook messages from readers. I talk to readers about their issues, which are similar to mine, and their personal lives. I love the letters. I agreed to write on the Homo Life [...]


Boners on the Rugby Field: An Interview with Berlin’s Gay Rugby Team

January 9, 2013

  Backpacking across Europe, I heard whispers about butt sex on dance floors and stories about British, Australian, and Scottish gays migrating to the city for a variety of reasons that were always gay and never economic. (The pound rapes [...]

Mitchell Sunderland Rogaine

I’m Balding At 21

January 2, 2013

Google search my name and you’ll find photos of me fucking robotic sex toys and an essay I wrote about my mother breastfeeding me until I was in kindergarten or the first grade. My Internet presence lacks shame because I [...]

Lindsay Lohan

Top 10 Lindsay Lohan Stories of 2012

December 28, 2012

  Once again, Lindsay Lohan remained the most interesting movie star on the planet without releasing a movie. (Liz and Dick aired on Lifetime—it’s not a real movie.) The gods who control troubled-but-talented starlets pulled some serious puppet strings this [...]

Cut offs, tall socks, and Doc Martens is the uniform of any liberal arts gay.

He Shoved His Dick Up My Ass Without My Permission (It Felt Like a Kiss)

December 20, 2012

  Like most social interactions, my sexual assault started with a Facebook message. Sitting at my desk scrolling through Facebook because I had yet to develop a real social life at college, I received a message from the Boy—a boy [...]

Glamorously waiting in line for Mika.

My Online Teenage Life Revisited: My First Facebook Profile Picture

December 11, 2012

  In June 2007, the last month of my freshman year, I asked my Mom to buy me four tickets to Mika’s concert at Studio A, a Miami nightclub that closed down a few years later. She battled an addiction [...]

No one should enter a gay club sober.

14 Things I Saw When I Went To A Gay Club Sober

December 4, 2012

A few weeks ago I quit drinking because I became that boy who drinks a box of wine and then uses the line “I’m from Miami, bitch. Do you think I give a shit?” as an excuse to call strangers [...]