4 Colognes To Take You From Ratchet To Riches

At some point in his life, every man has to put down the Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce and the American Eagle body spray and begin wearing a real cologne. Your time is now. And no, by “real cologne,” I don’t mean what you can buy at Duane Reade. Drug store and fast fashion scents have their time and their place, like when you don’t want to smell like a dirty tank top at the gym, or in place of Febreze for your living space. If you want to impress boys, your friends, and yourself on a daily basis, it’s time for a trip to Sephora. Here are 4 of the best colognes that will make even the sexiest of guys turn his head as you strut past.

Versace Man Eua Fraiche

If One Direction and Justin Bieber had an orgy, it would smell like Versace Man. The mix of citrus, musk, and amber is fresh, invigorating, and as smooth as the twinkiest of twinks. The scent is strong enough to be powerful and make you noticed without being overbearing. Every time I wear it I get compliments and it’s one of my go-to sexy scents. ($73 for 3.4oz at Sephora)

Bleu de Chanel

Not only is it incredibly gratifiying to say that you’re wearing Chanel, but the provocative and sensual Bleu de Chanel is versatile and perfect for almost any setting. Not only is the citrus and woody scent perfect for a first date, it’s also great for work if you don’t spray on too much. Bleu de Chanel is heavier than Versace Man and suits you best when it’s colder in the fall and winter, although it definitely makes its mark year-round. ($84 for 3.4oz at Sephora)

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

If you’re looking for a elegant, timeless, and easily recognizable scent, Yves Saint Laurent’s staple cologne is the perfect addition to your turnstile of colognes. YSL’s luxurious cologne is extremely popular and you just can’t go wrong with the woody, sensual scent. ($60 for 2oz at Sephora)

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Ralph Lauren’s classic Polo Blue is one of the few scents that passes the test of a stunning scent that you can most likely pick up at your local CVS or Target (in a very small bottle). It smells exactly like the color blue (however that smells) and instantly transports you to the beach. Simple and clean, Polo Blue is a great transition scent if you’re still mourning the loss of your Abercrombie Fierce.


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